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Wuxi Jianfa Machine-building Co., Ltd

Wuxi Jianfa Machine-building Co., Ltd was established in early 1980s. It is the national key developing enterprise in mechanical metallurgy industry in China.

The company is located in Wuxi High-tech Economic Development District (Wuxi New District) with a total area over 40,000㎡. The number of employees is 200+, the registration capital is 45 million CNY .with technical regearch stuff more than 20 person. The company is authorized to operate import and export business.

The company specializes in the manufacturing of series of leveling & cut-to-length line, sltting line, galvanizing line and other similar machineries. On the other hand, we focus on the design, research and development of new products with high-technology.

The company has acqaired IS09001 qaacity management certificate and EU CE mark certificate.

The leveling & cut to-length line is applicable for processing metal coils with thickness from 0.18 to 25mm, width from 200 to 3000mm, length tolerance土0.1mm. The slitting line is adaptable for coils with thickness from 0.25 to 14mm, width from 200 to 3000 mm. AII lines have optional models of medium 1 upper-medium/ high speed. Take the high speed models for instance: the high speed leveling cut- -to length line can process 2 -meter-length metal sheet at a speed of 35pcs per minute; the high speed sitting line can slit metal coil at 180m/ min. Our products of high speed models are ranked among the best in China.

Our products are widely avallable all over China and exported to 30+ countries and regions including Argentina,Brazil,South Africa, Greece, Egypt, lran, Libya, Bulgaria, Jordan, UAE, Ethiopia,Nigeria, Albania, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Australia, Peru, etc.

The outstanding quality of our products makes us share a distinguished reputation on international market.


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Add:No. 58, Qunxing Road, Meicun, New District, Wuxi City

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